Some dreams are bigger than others. Me being on Broadway? That’s a big dream. Me being on Broadway in Funny Girl as Fanny Brice, inheriting the mantle of my idol, Miss Barbra Streisand? That’s the culmination of every dream I’ve ever had.


*Jake Peralta voice* ”You know what would be a sick prank what if I bought Capt. Holt a Father’s Day card that would be hilarious right ha ha ha. And then what if I just never told him it was a prank and he took me out to a baseball game and taught me how to ride a bike oh man that would get him so good Santiago help me pick out a card”

Favorite 3B hairstyles

“What’s cool about doing this TV show is that it’s in front of a live audience, so I do get that rush. But nothing’s like doing it on the platform of theater and doing it all together really – no stops, no cuts. So I think that a theater return is inevitable, and I’m hopeful for one.” Skylar Astin for Bello magazine.

When you’re scared and alone, just know that I’m already home.